Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Search for a new GP

Wow!!  Forgot about this blog again and no entries for 6 months.

OK so here is the latest news. My old family GP has retired. He has been practising Family Medicine for 20 years and he wanted to "pursue other interests". Don't Laugh. I am quoting the letter he gave to all his patients. My whole family has been with this GP for 14 years.

Fortunately last year I had done some searching  around and found me a new GP who has been known to prescribe ERFA thyroid to his Hypothyroid patients so I joined his practise.

2 days ago I went to see him again. First off I have to get blood tests done, which I have done. Next week I will go back and discuss the results. My fingers are crossed that he will prescribe me some Erfa. My insurance does cover Erfa!!

In the meantime, I have been buying and taking my Thyrogold all year!!!!!  But it is getting quite expensive now. Last year in 2014 the Canadian and US dollars were at parity. This year they are not.

AS of now I am taking 1050 mcg of Thyrogold - 3x 300 and 1 x 150 mcg capsules. I know its a lot but if I take anything less, I feel quite BLAAAAH for the day until I take more.

I also had my annual cardio appointment in November 2015 and he said that my heart was still doing OK despite the increase in weight.. I told him that I was taking NOTHING else except the Thyrogold because it is NDT.

I think my adrenal glands are fatigued because I have a huge craving for chocolate and carbs and just cannot say NO to them!!  This does NOT help my weight issues at all!!!

In the meantime my spouse and son are now looking for a new GP. My son is diabetic so he gets most of his treatment done at the Sick Kids Hospital. My spouse has LOTS of medical issues and was given 3 months worth of drugs to cover the time he is looking for a new GP.

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